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Stearic Acid 1kg
Stearic Acid 1kg

Stearic Acid 1kg


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Stearic Acid is a white waxy natural acid formed in animals and vegetable fat.   We use stearic acid from a vegetable source  (Palm). This is made to blend well with cosmetic recipes. 

Stearic Acid creates the pearly and waxy feeling when added to body care products which assists with a cooling effect when applied to skin.    The natural fats undergo a hydrogenation process to convert the fat to Stearic Acid.   This process involves changing the liquid vegetable oil to a solid or semi fat.  The small pastilles are ideal when used as an emulsifying agent in creams, lotions, deodorants and most natural body products. 

A fairly insoluble in water but more soluble in alcohol.   Stearic Acid stores well and has an indefinite shelf life.   

Stearic acid is used for candle making as a hardener to ensure longer burning. 

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