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The Fragrance Hub

Over 500 fragrances to choose from. 

Place your order and pay :  we guarantee delivery to Lusaka within 7 to 14 days from date of payment.   

Samples are available at K35 each.  Some of these fragrances we do stock in smaller quantities and samples of the ones stocked are available immediately.  Non Stock items are only available on order and once payment received. Please be very clear on what you are ordering. Note the name of the fragrance and the code number with each and every item.  

New fragrances are being added daily and we have tried to keep pricing for bulk fragrances as reasonable as possible.  We hope to take your beauty products, soaps, perfumes and candles to a whole new level with this huge range of options. 

Remember you can mix and match fragrances and even add essential oils to make your own absolutely unique branded fragrance blend.   Experiment and get creative.